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We are at the dawn of a real aeronautical revolution: drones will know at the beginning of the 21st century the exponential development experienced by aviation at the beginning of the 20th century.
D-WINGS has chosen to specialize in the exploitation of this technology and to focus on their use for the world:

  • Cinematographic and photographic production;
  • Transport and energy networks;
  • Precision farming;
  • Construction;
  • Mines and quarries;
  • Emergency surveillance;
  • Supervision of works of art and sensitive sites.

Cinematographic productions and photos.

D-WINGS multirotors or helicopters, are light and simple to implement on a shooting, no complex assemblies and endless settings. The vivacity and flexibility of some camera movements, especially on subjects in confined urban environments, indoors or outdoors, make a machine ready to film with extreme efficiency. Drone filming requires a pilot “at sight” watching his drone in flight and a cameraman who manages the camera, its tilt and panning from his monitor control that displays its frame via a video reception HF from the drone .

Benefits of our solutions

  • The vertical elevation of the camera with simultaneous diving on a subject;
  • Ascending or descending spiral with or without diving;
  • Zenith in movement;
  • Discoveries after foreground;
  • Skimming;
  • Dynamic resource (45 ° elevation).


Precision farming

The drone is particularly suitable for low-level flyovers of agricultural crops (cereals, vines, etc.) or forests. Quick to implement at any season, it flies over any planted area by overcoming cloudiness issues. Small in size, it can take off and land on the plot. Optical and infrared sensors make it possible to determine the state of vigor of the canopy and to measure its growth in order to deduce the biomass production.

Advantages of our solution

  • Economic;
  • Fast;
  • Adapted to the surface of the plots;
  • Independent of cloudiness.

Possible data processing

  • Orthophotos for Plains Towers;
  • Calculations of NDVI, EVI incides for advice on nitrogen amendment;
  • Mapping / topography of sown areas;
  • Monitoring and monitoring of crops;
  • Parcel monitoring.

Transport and energy networks

Thousands of kilometers of networks are expensive infrastructures to monitor to keep them in good working order. D-WINGS proposes to exploit its long endurance drones specializing in corridor mapping. D-WINGS is able to provide an aerial view of your networks in very high resolution, without risk taking and generating a significant decrease in operating costs. D-WINGS drones scan your infrastructure for potential hazards. The data can be sent in real time to allow the operator to modify the predefined flight plan if necessary and to adapt to any detected dangers.

Advantages of our solutions

  • Low flying;
  • Network tracking by GPS guidance;
  • Reduction of operating costs.

Possible data processing

  • Orthophotos of the network;
  • Detection of intrusive vegetation, undeclared sites, human presence, georeferenced hazard report;
  • Infrastructure reference.


Mines & Quaries

Where ground-based surveys and surveys can take several days and where conventional aerial data is weather-dependent, D-WINGS drones offer you the ability to quickly and efficiently retrieve topographic data and inventory modeling of your infrastructure.

You save time and money while having a secure, accurate and easily deployable solution on site.

Possible data processing

  • Orthophotos and high resolution cartographies;
  • Digital surface models by stereoscopy;
  • Wall inspection;
  • Environmental monitoring;
  • Inventory Modeling;
  • Aeromagnetic.



D-WINGS drones can meet all your expectations in terms of photogrammetry. They constitute a means of choice to carry out any cartography or topographic survey of high precision for the professionals of the building, or for any building site requiring field studies. Several square kilometers can be mapped easily and quickly thanks to our drones. The drone is an excellent way to fly over difficult to access or dangerous areas, while restoring topographic high quality data.

Benefits of our solutions

  • Time saving (avoids the mobilization of ground crews and land surveys);
  • Secure;
  • Efficient.

Possible data processing

  • High resolution orthophotos and mosaics;
  • Digital surface models by stereoscopy;
  • Surveying and topographical studies.


Emergency supervision

Environmental and human-related disasters can have disastrous effects on the environment, productivity and the reputation of operators. In such situations, the deployment of D-WINGS services can quickly obtain images or data of the situation: photographs, videos, thermal imaging, gas concentrations, radioactivity…

Observation and data recovery platform, our drones must allow you to accelerate your decision making in order to trigger the intervention of your teams to minimize the environmental, social and economic impacts. Our pilot teams can assess the situation quickly and have the drone leave the affected site within minutes. The ability of our vectors to transmit information in real time allows us to obtain unpublished scopes.

Possible applications

  • Fires;
  • Floods;
  • Losses of containment, leaks;
  • Mallice;
  • Natural disasters;
  • Damage assessment.


Supervision of works of art and sensitive sites

Drones are perfectly integrated into the observation and maintenance systems of works of art or industrial infrastructures. Their ability to easily reproduce georeferenced flights and capture a high-resolution image without any risk of implementation makes it easy to detect changes and track your artwork.

Benefits of our solutions Possible data processing

  • 3D reconstruction for damage characterization;
  • Automatic detection of shapes (cracks, faults …).



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